Our Ball Valves

Our ball valves are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standard and end user requirement. Our ball valves offer advanced design and constructional features such as innovative stem sealing and body sealing to improve performance and longevity. We are able to manufacture ball valves in accordance with most of the end user specifications including TOTAL, Shell, Aramco, BP, Chevron, etc.

Production Range

Design Options

Sealing Options

Our modular seat and seal design means that we are able to manufacture valves that feature O Rings, V-Rings and cone packing, PTFE or lip seals within short lead times. Our advanced sealing surface design has enabled us to pass high cycle Fugitive Emissions Test against the C01 and C02 specifications.

Metal Seating

Metal seating provides a highly reliable seat design that can be used for high pressure/temperature applications and for aggressive media. We utilize the highly proven Praxair metal seating process (HVOF) to provide excellent sealing performance. We also include two piece self-aligning gland packing on our metal seated range.


Valve automation is a standard part of our ball valve manufacturing process. Automation ready features are designed into the valves so that pairing the valve and the actuator is simplified. We also have in house testing facilities so that we can carry out functional and DP testing.


Alongside our topside experience, we have designed and manufactured valves for subsea service. Our high specification approach to valve supply lends itself well to the particular demands of subsea design and build. Our reduced seal friction also reduces the need for costly subsea maintenance.

Case Studies

Encana - Deep Panuke Subsea Valves with ROV Bucket

176 valves subsea valves designed and manufactured to operate in 50m depth. The valves were supplied with ROV buckets as per ISO 13628-8.

Aramco - Sete Arabia Khafji

Ball Valves manufactured in CW6MC (Inconel 625) and CF3M. Actuated and manual valves supplied. This was a project in which we adapted our build schedule around changing project priorities to help our engineering customer.

British Gas - Trinidad Hibiscus

Main front end requirement of ball valves designed and manufactured for this platform. Valves manufactured up to class 2500lb in LF2 and WCB utilising PEEK seats. Valves supplied with high pressure gas testing.

Petrobras - Presalt FPSOs

Valves manufactured with organic coatings on wetted parts with duplex stainless steel trim. 786 valves manufactured on a flexible schedule designed to meet our engineering contractors construction schedule.