Floating Ball Valves

Our floating ball design features a generous corrosion allowance and innovative stem sealing. The products modular design also enables us to manufacture floating ball valves according to project specifications on a fast track delivery.



Our floating ball valve is designed for excellent sealing performance and longevity. We are able to manufacture floating ball valves to complex project specifications on a fast track basis due to our smart sealing design. Our offshore experience also enables us to offer weight saving design options.


Production Range

Sizes : 1/2″ upto 12″ (Two & Three piece construction)
Pressure ratings : 150# upto 2500#

We manufacture valves in materials ranging from standard Carbon Steel through to exotic alloys such as Super Austenitic st. steel & Inconel. We have developed an extensive supply history in the manufacture of valves in duplex and super duplex st. steel.

✱ Body Sealing Design

Our body seals feature O ring plus graphite as standard rather than O ring or graphite only.

✱ Body Sealing Design

Our body seal design is modular. We are able to therefore meet our customers body sealing specifications including lip seals and other sealing options.

✱ Stem Sealing Design

Our stem design incorporates a tamper proof antistatic device, reduces the friction on the sealing area due to static seal feature. This improves performance and provides a long cycle life as demonstrated by our Fugitive Emissions Testing. The stem design also features live loaded packing and is blowout proof. Variety of stem sealing options viz. O ring, Lip seals, V packing, Cop cone seals etc are available as per customer specifications can be offered in standard design of the valve.

✱ Engineered Seats

Compensate for wear and pressures to prolong sealing life.

✱ Shell Design

Our design is built to be suitable as standard for most customer specifications in terms of Shell thickness ,corrosion allowance & bolting design requirements.

✱ Actuation Ready Design

Our ISO top mounting design reduces the time and cost of actuation. Uniform torques provide prolonged cyclic life.

✱ Devices

Standard on lever and gear operated valves

✱ Testing

We test to API 598/EN 12266-1, ISO 5208. Fugitive Emission Testing to ISO-15848-1,2. Fire safe to API 607/EN ISO 10497/ API 6Fa.