Trunnion Ball Valves

Our trunnion design provides excellent sealing characteristics and long life through our generous approach to corrosion allowances and smart sealing design.


Our trunnion ball valve is designed for excellent sealing performance and longevity. We have worked with many end user specifications to include their requirements in our standard design which means that we are able to manufacture high specification ball valves rapidly.

Production Range

Sizes : 3/4″ upto 24″ (Two piece & Three piece construction)
Pressure ratings : 150# upto 2500#

We manufacture valves in materials ranging from standard Carbon Steel through to exotic alloys such as Super Austenitic st. steel & Inconel. We have developed an extensive supply history in the manufacture of valves in duplex and super duplex st. steel.

Design & Manufacturing Standards

Our ball valves meet following standards: API 6D, API 608, BS EN ISO 17292, EN 12516-1,2, ASME B 16.34, ASME B 16.5, 16.10, API 607/ ISO 10497.

Design & Construction Features :

✱ Antistatic, Fire safe, Antiblow out stem

✱ Double block and bleed with Self relieving seats. Option of Double piston effect seats available

✱ Body & stem sealing Design

Our body & stem seals feature O ring plus graphite as standard rather than O ring or graphite only. Due to our modular sealing design feature, we are able to meet our customers body & stem sealing specifications including lip seals and other sealing options.

✱ Shell Design

Our design is built to be suitable as standard for most customer specifications in terms of Shell thickness, corrosion allowance & bolting design requirements.

✱ Sealant Injection

Optional sealant injection system for seats as well as stem

✱ Actuation Ready Design

Our ISO top mounting designs reduces the time and cost of actuation. Uniform torques provide prolonged cyclic life.

✱ Locking Devices

Standard on lever and gear operated valves

✱ Testing

We test to API 6D, API 598/EN 12266-1, ISO 5208. Fugitive Emission Testing to ISO-15848-1,2. Fire safe to API 607/EN ISO 10497/API 6Fa