Our Expertise

We are a valve manufacturing company primarily focused on Ball valves and automation systems for projects. Our core team has extensive knowledge on specifications and their practical implications for valve design and manufacturing. We are committed to produce each valve on the strong foundation with detailed manufacturing plans. Our time and skills commitment enables us to provide an effective manufacturing process which in turn means on time delivery performance.

Design & Engineering

Our head of Design is one of the world’s most experienced valve designers. Alongside his experience across a wide range of valves, he is complemented by a team of designers – many of whom bring in their own valve design experience. We are a technical company throughout and this means that our design expertise is joined with very strong manufacturing capabilities and project management within the factory.

Quality by Production

We build quality into every step of our manufacturing process which enables quality by production – not by inspection. We work with highly experienced foundries and sub suppliers to ensure that our valves are made with high quality materials and processes. Our proven designs and zero-defect approach means that our customer reject rate is exceptionally low.

Our choice of high quality raw materials and our exposure to pressure testing & different kind of special testing makes us meet the varied requirements of International market.

Timely Documentation

Documentation is built into the manufacturing process and is provided as a significant deliverable alongside the valves. We are able to provide accurate documentation early in the manufacturing cycle which means that our customers are able to build our valves into their pipeline model early in the cycle. Alongside our standard 3.1 certification, we are able to offer 3.2 certification and customise our documentation as required by projects.

Flexible Manufacturing

We understand that valve needs can change during projects and we also understand that our customers sometimes need valves manufactured urgently. Our manufacturing philosophy is built around customer friendly environment that understands and caters to complex needs of customers. Alongside a technically compliant, competitive product – our customers appreciate our responsiveness and flexibility both pre-order and during the manufacturing process.

Our factory based in Pune, India has significant advantage of its excellent knowledge base and manufacturing expertise due to presence of Multinational Engineering , Automobile and IT Companies. It has strong manufacturing base for pump and valves industry since last 40 years.