Double Block and Bleed Valves

Our Double Block & bleed valves provide cost saving by means of reduced weight, reduced installation costs, fewer leak paths and hence improved safety and reduced maintenance.



Our DBB’s can be very effectively used in critical applications like instrument take offs, sampling systems, chemical injection and severe applications.


Production Range

Sizes : 1/2″ upto 8″
Pressure ratings : 150# upto 2500#

Design Features

✱ Design Options

Our DBB’s can be manufactured in different variations whilst maintaining the main blockage device as a ball, the bleed device can be designed to suit customer requirement with needle, gate, and globe options available.
The DBB valve can be manufactured in both Floating and Trunnion types, exotic materials and any combination of end connections.

✱ Body Sealing & stem sealing Design

Our body seal & stem seal design is modular. We are able to therefore meet our customers sealing specifications including lip seals and other sealing options.

✱ Body Design

The DBB valve features a sturdy design, positive stops and position locking arrangements to ensure high level of safety and performance.

✱ Actuation Ready Design

Our ISO top mounting design reduces the time and cost of actuation. Uniform torques provide prolonged cyclic life.